On behalf of one of the leading global providers of Augmented Reality solutions and services, Total Immersion from France, CMCDV delivered Augmented Reality consulting, concepts and designs for a wide range of their clients and accounts throughout Europe and worldwide, foremost but not only for digital marketing applications.

The types of Augmented Reality solutions from Total Immersion cover the following areas

• Web
• Mobile (iPhone, iPad, Android devices)
• Kiosk systems (in- and outdoors)
• Live events (stage shows, road shows, big screen events)
• E-commerce solutions
• B2B sales tools

Please find below a partial listing of the Total Immersion clients and accounts we provided our services for:

• Braun
• Chivas
• The Economist
• HP
• Intel
• Mercedes
• Metro (Newspaper)
• Milka
• Opel
• Orange
• Red Bull
• Samsung
• Siemens
• Telekom
• Tesco
• Toyota
• Universal Music
• Vodafone
• Volkswagen

Project videos

Here are two videos of projects for whom CMCDV delivered Augmented Reality consulting and concepts on behalf of Total Immersion.

Total Immersion Showreels

These videos show the broad range of Augmented Reality solutions TI offers.