The Berlin Wall is back! Discover history via mobile Augmented Reality


CMCDV in cooperation with Hoppala agency developed the project Berlin Wall - Living History Experience. This project enables the discovery of history in a ground-breaking new way.

Utilizing Mobile Augmented Reality makes it possible to place virtual 3D objects at locations “inside” the real world. These objects are visible via the smartphone’s live camera view. When on location in Berlin just take up your smartphone, start the Berlin Wall Experience and discover the Wall as if it still exists today. Follow along its path where it once divided the city and see it in it’s real dimensions and in relation to today’s actual surroundings.

Experience the Berlin Wall as if it still exists

"A new augmented reality program recreates the Berlin Wall and provides renderings of the Cold War structure at the exact site where it used to exist using GPS coordinates. The application is demonstrating the consumer application of technologies that, only a few years ago, were still the exclusive domain of science fiction novels." (Kulturspiegel)

The Berlin Wall was a concrete barrier built by the former German Democratic Republic that completely enclosed the city of West Berlin, separating it from East Germany including East Berlin. The wall fell in 1989, but is now back in it’s original environmental context via mobile Augmented Reality utilizing the Layar technology platform.

The project gained international attention and was presented as exemplary showcase for best use of mobile augmented reality at international events and conferences, among them the Google Zeitgeist Conference, London, 
RE:Publica and ARBCon, Berlin, the MIPTV Cross Media Festival, Cannes, eComm and ARE2010, San Fransisco, and was featured on TV: Bloomberg TV, New York, ReutersTV, WDR, RBB, in print: Kulturspiegel, de Volkskrant, and online: Wired, Bild Online and others.

The World Trade Center resurrected

The Living History project puts history into its location context and encourages the interaction with that specific historic site.

Following the footsteps of the Berlin Wall experience we resurrected New York’s former World Trade Center on it’s original location, at the original size.