We developed an iPad app tool box thast can easily be adapted for multiple purposes. An usage example is pictured on the right, the ArchviewAR, which allows you to discover the historic industrial site and world cultural heritage "Zeche Zollverein" via different medias including Augmented Reality.

The media contents that can be integrated

Image galleries

Video (encapsuled or streaming)

360° panoramas
360° video
Augmented Reality components

Düsseldorf To Go - The town in the palm of your hand

Working for the German town of Düsseldorf's tourism marketing agency on behalf of Coffein advertising agency we realized a project encompassing the creation of a mobile website for multi-platform usage and mobile apps for iPhone and Android phones including the world's first interactive Augmented Reality town guide and the resurrection of a number of historic buildings that dont exist anymore today via mobile Augmented Reality.

World's first interactive Augmented Reality town guide

Our interactive town guide is the perfect tool to explore the town as it offers the easiest way to discover its cutural diversity: You will be wondering at the variety of choices around you, as most of it probably has only been known to you in parts. Because before even by consulting a multitude of information sources it has been difficult to discover the whole range of cultural and touristic offerings. But now you hold the town in the palm of your hand.

The easiest way to discover what the town has to offer

To search for locations around you can switch between camera view mode, that indicates the locations and their vincinity inside the smartphone’s live camera view, a list view, and a map view. The locations can be filtered by categories of interest and be shown inside an individually choosen radius, as a list or on the map thereby allowing for easy navigation to your desired destinations.


The Woombas - the main attraction of Señor Zambarino’s traveling circus - managed to escape! El Grande Zambarino desperatly needs your help! In his indescribable generosity he'll pay you muchos pesos for catching his Woombas again. But be aware - there is more out there then just the Woombas ... especially after dawn...

On behalf of Layar B.V. from Amsterdam as the technology provider CMCDV together with Hoppala developed this mobile Augmented Reality game.


The game's features include

• True location-based Augmented Reality gaming experience
• Unique characters & storyline
• Multiplayer option
• Different gameplay during daytime & night
• User registration & worldwide highscore

Ferrero Snowman Hunt

Mobile Augmented Reality gaming for Ströer Media.

Briding the physical gap by linking outdoor advertising with a point of sale

The player starts the game by scanning an outdoor advertising. The goal of the game is to catch snowmen and other items appearing via Augmented Reality. One snowman after the other appears in vincinity to the actual physical location of the user. Together they form a breadcrumb trail leading to a store nearby that sells Ferrero products. So completing the game's challenge leads the user from the location of the outdoor advertising to a point of sale of the advertising brand. After presenting his highscore in store the player is rewarded with a sweet little surprise...