Architecture for another reality

The term Virtual Reality is used to describe computer-simulated immersive environments, with applications ranging from architectural visualisation to training simulations to massive multi-player online games. Recent developments like Playstation VR, Oculus VR, Samsung Gear VR and many others promise the breakthrough of thisĀ  technology into the mainstream market.

Virtual Spaces can be the telepresence work and meeting places of the future, places for artistic expression and architectural and structural experiments, or branded spatial experiences.

Based on our strong background in utilising 3D technology it was of natural consequence for CMCDV to venture into this area and to explore the limitless possibilities offered by Virtual Reality. Please see a few of the resulting examples of the virtual architecture and virtual spaces we created on this page.

Swiss Post virtual post office - Integration of function and architecture

Working on behalf of Touchworks advertising agency it was our task to develop the conceptual and functional design for a virtual post office to be integrated into the Swiss Post's website.

We developed a virtual architecture created out of the visual elements of the Swiss Post's logo, thereby providing a true example of a consequently branded architecture with minimum visual distraction.

In designing the architecture we where furthermore inspired by the architecture of famous swiss architect LeCorbusier, creating a light and transparent building with timeless modern proportions.

The virtual building offers a user interface seamlessly integrated into its architecture to provide easy and direct access to all functions of the website.

When entering the virtual post office a virtual presenter welcomes visitors and guides them to the different areas of the website according to their information needs. The areas are presented via visual metaphors in the shape of different interactive room elements.

Aire Ville Spatiale

Virtual architecture for the french cultural project Aire Ville Spatiale, a collaborative space for exhibitions and events inside the virtual world of Second Life. Sponsored by the Ministry for Culture and Communication.

Art Spaces

Translating art into virtual spaces. Imagine to be able to walk into an artists painting and discover a virtual land born from his imagination. Step inside and explore...